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In this post, a beautiful and very talented Professional provides great insight on how to feel most beautiful by addressing organization and productivity.  Check out her comments below!
My name is Keosha Jones. I am a passionate and driven entrepreneur who works as a life and business productivity coach as well as an essential oil specialist. Living my first passion as my purpose, my volunteer ministry, drives how I work and how I play. I enjoy camping, high heels, and a good nap.
My company, Pink Productivity Coaching, is about helping female entrepreneurs to align their purpose with their priorities. Utilizing the holistic approach of tailormade aromatherapy has increased transformation in focusing on those priorities and creating consistency with work and home life.  Transparency, service, and community-and some humor- make up the pillars that support my mission. I keep it real with my coaching so that you can let go of the overwhelm that comes with a to-do list that does not support your vision, yet I do so with love to help you when you are stressed. But what makes me unique is that I will never have you compromise what is most important to you to accomplish your goals.
My services can help women to feel beautiful on the inside by relieving yourself of the pressure that you put on yourself or that others may be trying to assign to you. By aligning your actions, boundaries, and mindset you are able to live your days with better sleep so that you can wake up refreshed, be mentally and emotionally present for yourself as well as others, and shine outwardly because you know how to successfully handle life’s changes with less frustration, even when those changes are unexpected. I specialize in working with women who have a challenge with completing one task at a time, leaving several projects or chores partially undone. When I help you learn how to overcome this challenge, you are able to show up with confidence in yourself and your ability to assist others.
My Aroma Focus Program is yielding results such as increased awareness of the core issues behind lack of productivity, structure for life by understanding how to schedule in a flexible way according to your specific energy, breakthroughs in how to complete tasks and link the sequence of events, and delegating tasks to take time off.
I would love to support you in your journey to greater productivity. We all have the same 24 hours of the day. It matters most what you do with them.
Contact Information:
Phone: 762-441-0058
Instagram: @pinkproco
Thank you Keosha!
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